Katia Mossina's Show at Luisa Catucci Gallery Berlin 
On view from February 14th – March 4th, 2024. Vernissage: February 14th, 18:00 – 21:00

Prints of the drawings are available upon request.

'NETWORK FEELING' exhibition of the work by Katia Mossina and new collection by Claudia Skoda is on view on 23rd of April 2023 in Berlin.

Ihre Kreationen sind feminine, super-tough und sehr sexy. Das perfekte Styling fuer dieweibliche James-Bond-Agentin, immer bereit, wachsam und natuerlich fuer jede Lebenslage passend gekleidet.

ELLE, Germany

….Katia Mossina developed her theory of fashion from years of riding the Moscow metro…..


 If any designer sums up fact that Russian fashion is growing up quickly it’ s Katia Mossina. Mossina has both talent and tenacity. 


Katia Mossina, moscovita, lanciando uno stile che trae ispirazione dalla Russia zarista, dall’aristocrazia ritratta da Tolstoj in “Guerra e pace”. Le sue collezioni strizzano l’occhio alle bambole e al folk dell’Europa’ dell’Est, ai film di’James Bond (con un debole per le spie russe), alle eroine romantiche e ai fumetti. Insomma, Russia con brio.


Like her teacher, Vivienne Westwood, Katia Mossina likes to say “It is great to look great”. She considers that someone who looks good has a completely different quality of life. Most of her clients are women of all ages and sizes.

PLUSSEVEN, Great Britain

Moscow born, educated worldwide, now based in Berlin and Puglia, stylist,  designer, Fashion illustrator and performer.  
 "I spent many years working in the fashion industry and drawing people in clothes. Now I am convinced that happy people do not need any clothes. Perhaps ..... only shoes....with high heels.
 My Inspiration came at the start of  lockdown. I was locked up in my garden in Puglia and did not suffer at all. Finally, I could enjoy my chance to think, to really think  about so many things. For instance,  what does it mean, “to be locked up or locked down”. What does the term “lockdown” really mean in a country, to be “locked down” in a place, in one’s body or in ones mind.
 The more external restrictions there were, the stronger was the desire for personal freedom. The closer death comes, the more valuable life seems, life and its pleasures."
 Recently Katia is focusing more in her Art. Freedom and feminism are the main subjects, which perceive as necessary as air. 
 "My subjects are Nudes and Nymphs that appear through the tension of lines, passion of colours and simplicity of content." Katia’s art reveals unresolved oscillation between the poles of the visible and the invisible, modesty and immodesty. Here the real subject of Katia’s drawings is sensuality.  This disclosure becomes a legitimate form of comprehending human nature and converting this nature into beauty. 

In a period of a pandemic, doubts in the world outside, Katia uses the image of girl, a nymph or a fairy placing them in opposition to the reality. In addition they were traditionally associated with sensuality, allegorising the naturalness of desire and the sexual sensitivity and freedom of the mind, as well as an erotic feeling. 

Katia’s drawings can be also associated with the fashion designer’s sketch, with the absence of clothes. It appears that the path that Katia took from fashion designer to artist, was the path to free and essential spheres. Here the attributes of social status or fashion are no longer valuable, here only true beauty is essential and much more important than imposed standards. 

It's the same story with ceramics - Katia perceives ceramics as a blank canvas, her drawings are minimalistic, made using only one color and often one line. but the variety in the colours of the series, the colours that Katia uses are always bright, bursting with color, there are no half way compromised tones - these are rejected as half-truths and hints and so are rejected. Katia's drawings and ceramics are honest and straightforward. They are about happiness and harmony, those feelings that are so difficult to find, but when one finds them, one must try intrinsically to keep them for oneself.  

Her series with the shoes stands out here. They are flesh from the flesh of her interest in fashion. As a fashion designer Katia has embellished beauty with love, the ability to view what is hidden inside.  These are not just designer’s sketches, these are portraits, portraits of shoes. Each one of them has a mood and tells its own story. Unlike drawings depicting girls, which are more generic, the shoes are distinctive, each pair is different, seen from a different perspective and with different accents. When you think about it, life can really be judged by our shoes. Katia often portrays heels, but differing from the fashion framework, for her heels are akin to a springboard, to a leap in height, to where it is easier to look at the real you and love yourself, not the image in Instagram. 


The subjects are Nudes and Nymphes that appear through the tension of lines, passion of colours and simplicity of content.


Drawings of Katia Mossina are minimalistic and full of the energy and the air. A few lines depict the subject leaving the space for the imagination. 


All the ceramics are made in collaboration with Nicola Fasano Ceramiche artistiche.
Maestro Franco Fasano. The design is applied by hand with Overglaze enamel. Each of the is hand painted and signed by Katia Mossina.

Fashion designer, Katia Mossina shot to fame at the time of Perestroika.

Katia designed over 50 collections and the brand KATIA MOSSINA was distributed trough a number of boutiques in Europe, Japan and Russia.



You may enquire about any works directly via email  or Instagram.

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