Fashion designer, Katia Mossina is a talented graduate of the Moscow Institute of Architecture who shot to fame at the time of Perestroika( reformation period in Russian policy), thanks to her controversial collections, which were covered in the style sections of Time Magazine New York amongst other publications. Her catwalk shows which were accompanied by performances of legendary art groups which led to her introduction into the art world.

Katia designed over 50 collections and the brand KATIA MOSSINA was distributed trough a number of boutiques in Europe, Japan and Russia.

Like her teacher, Vivienne Westwood, Katia Mossina likes to say “It is great to look great”. She considers that someone who looks good has a completely different quality of life. Most of her clients are women of all ages and sizes.

PLUSSEVEN, Great Britain

 If any designer sums up fact that Russian fashion is growing up quickly it’ s Katia Mossina. Mossina has both talent and tenacity. 

Godfrey Deeny for FASHION WIRE DAILY, USA 

Katia Mossina, moscovita, lanciando uno stile che trae ispirazione dalla Russia zarista, dall’aaristocrazia ritratta da Tolstoj in “Guerra e pace”. Le sue collezioni strizzano l’occhio alle bambole e al folk dell’Europa’dell’Est, ai film di’James Bond (con un debole per le spie russe), alle eroine romantiche e ai fumetti. Insomma, Russiaconbrio.


Ihre Kreationen sind feminine, super-tough und sehr sexy. Das perfekte Styling fuer die weibliche James-Bond-Agentin, immer bereit, wachsam und natuerlich fuer jede Lebenslage passend gekleidet.

ELLE, Germany

….Katia Mossina developed her theory of fashion from years of riding the Moscow metro…..




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